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Jill and Lee Weiss Swim Academy

Ages 6 months+
Our Jill and Lee Weiss Swim Academy helps children grow in a happy, safe environment that fosters academic and physical excellence through the sport of swimming. Our year-round program advances from our J Babies to our J Squad (pre-team).
A swim instructor teaching a student in a pool.


J Babies 6M to 3 years

This class fosters a child’s safety and happiness in and around the water while providing special moments with caregivers. Using games, songs, and routines, children work on beginning safety skills, building breath control to go under water, floating on their stomachs/backs, and submerging in the pool. This class is not available for the walk over opportunity provided by the Jill and Lee Weiss Swim Academy.

J Grads | Ages 18 months to 3 years

Designated specifically for graduates of the J Babies class, Beginner Grads is the first class without caregivers in the water with their child. This class introduces more in-depth safety skills, overhead freestyle stroke, and back floats.

J Beginner Prep | Age 3 to 5 years

Children will work on prone floats with a glide/streamline to develop their overhead freestyle stroke and back floats. Safety skills are further developed using a series of safety questions to make them aware of the rules around a pool.


J Prep | Ages 3-5 to J School | Ages 6+

Level 1 – Children will learn an unassisted prone float and streamline kick for 5 yards with faces in the water. Back floating progresses into backstroke arms. Safety skills and questions are performed to ensure skills are fully developed.

Level 2 – Children will maintain proficiency in overhead freestyle stroke and backstroke arms. Kickboard use is introduced to enhance kicks, core strength, and head rotation for side breathing. Level 2 marks the introduction to butterfly and breaststroke kicks.

Level 3 – Children will continue to incorporate the overhead freestyle stroke, backstroke arms, head rotation, and kickboard use to ensure skill proficiency. Level 3 marks the stage when butterfly and breaststroke arms are integrated. Instructors will teach the concept of yardage in relation to sets and drills as it relates to the sport of swimming.

J Squad

Pre-Squad- While not a mandatory prerequisite for squads, the instructor may recommend this class as a transitional step to prepare kids for Squad. Pre-squad swimmers will focus on competitive starts, all four strokes, drills, endurance, and the ongoing refinement of timing and progression.

Squad – Emphasis is placed on endurance, performance, perfecting all four strokes, and mastering all competitive starts and turns. Upon mastering these skills, students may advance to the J Swim Club (JSC) or continue in the Squad class if not interested in competitive swimming.

A swim evaluation must be completed prior to being placed in an appropriate group. Sign up below!

Hours + Rates


Payment is collected in full at the begining of the month.

J Babies | J Grads | J Prep | J School | J Pre-Squad Class
Length: 30 min
Members: $30/lesson
Non-Members: $40/lesson
Private for Members only: $55/lesson

J Squad
Class Length: 60 min
Member: $175/month for 3 workouts per week
Non-Member: $200/month for 3 workouts per week


Annual Mandatory Waiver Cost: $25

Contact the Aquatics Department

A child learning how to swim.

Competition Pool Schedule

Monday – Thursday 5:00am – 7:45pm
Friday 5:00am – 5:45pm
Saturday and Sunday 7:00am – 5:45pm

Activity Pool Schedule

Monday – Thursday Noon – 3pm
Friday 10am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday Noon – 5pm

Holiday Hours

Sunday, January 1
New Years Day 2024
7am – 1pm
Monday, April 22
Erev Passover
5am – 5pm
Tuesday, April 23
Passover First Day
Monday, May 27
Memorial Day
7am – 4pm
Thursday, July 4
Independence Day
7am – 4pm
Monday, September 2
Labor Day
7am – 4pm
Wednesday, October 2
Erev Rosh Hashanah
5am – 5pm
Thursday, October 3
Rosh Hashanah
Friday, October 4
Rosh Hashanah
Friday, October 11
Erev Yom Kippur
5am – 5pm
Saturday, October 12
Yom Kippur
Wednesday, November 27
Thanksgiving Eve
5am – 7pm
Thursday, November 28
7am – Noon
Tuesday, December 24
Christmas Eve
7am – 2pm
Wednesday, December 25
Christmas Day
7am – 1pm
Tuesday, December 31
New Year’s Eve
7am – 2pm

Each week that our son gets in the water with Anna, he is even more enthusiastic than the last. We love watching his progress and the smile on his face every lesson. We are thankful for J Babies and Aquatics at The J!

Amy Clousner Jill and Lee Weiss Swim Academy Participant
An aerial view of an outdoor pool and lounge area.

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