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J Family Aid is a non-profit, qualified Arizona charitable tax credit organization affiliated with the Valley of the Sun JCC, a non-profit community center welcoming people of all faiths, backgrounds and abilities.

Our goal is to provide enriching experiences for children of families in extreme financial need and for children with chronic illness and/or physical challenges.

As an Arizona-qualified tax credit organization, your gift to J Family Aid is eligible for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit reduction in your state income taxes – up to $421 for those filing as an individual and up to $841 for those filing jointly.

Through the generosity of our donors, J Family Aid provides scholarships for enriching programs for children 21 and under with chronic illness and/or physical challenges that build self-confidence, fitness and social skills adapted just for them.

In addition, we provide scholarships to families who are in extreme financial need for their children to participate in camp, early childhood, sports and other programs – experiences they may not otherwise enjoy.

Programs are made possible through our programming partner, the Valley of the Sun JCC, an inclusive community center, where all children create the memories and friendships of a lifetime.

How The Tax Credit Works

Formerly known as the Working Poor Tax Credit, the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit allows you to take a dollar-for-dollar tax credit reduction towards your state income tax. This means if you owe $1,000 and are filing jointly and give $841 to J Family Aid to provide enriching programs for children in need, you only owe the state $159 – your gift basically costs you nothing!

In addition, the charitable tax credit can be combined with other tax credits, such as education and foster care, for even greater savings.

The J Family Aid is a nonprofit 501c3 Tax ID No. 82-4444719.

This is not professional tax or legal advice. Please consult a tax advisor about your individual situation or visit azdor.gov for additional information.

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J Family Aid Scholarships

J Family Aid is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing children of families in need with enriching experiences through program scholarships. To qualify, you must meet at least one of the qualifications below:

  • You have a child age 21 or younger with a qualifying physical or developmental challenge
  • Your family meets the state of Arizona eligibility requirements to receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits
  • Your household income is 150% below the national poverty level

If you meet one or more of the above qualifications, please contact us at 480.481.7005 or NikkiW@vosjcc.org.

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