Jay Talk – 4/11/24 Decoration

Jay Talk – 4/11/24

April 11, 2024

Hi and Happy Spring, let’s enjoy this great weather while it lasts!

One of the main goals of just about every J is to build and nurture community. For our J it’s a priority. What I’ve come to realize at Valley of the Sun is that it is happening in a very cool way. We have, in a sense, a bunch of small communities that become one large and diverse community.

Take a walk at any time of day at The J and you’re most likely to see some or all the following:

  • The Mahjong and Canasta players in the lobby halls – a community
  • 70+ swim team kids training each day – a community
  • Our once-a-month Bagels crew – a community
  • The morning gang that walks the track each and every morning – a community
  • Summer campers – a community
  • The morning Pickleball players – a community
  • The early morning Master swimmers – a community
  • Our Early Childhood families – a community
  • Our Zumba dancers – a community
  • Sunday morning pick-up basketball players – a community
  • The water aerobics gang – a community

And I could go on … Please know that when you become part of one of these smaller communities, you help us become one large, amazing community. You make us The J Family we are.

Some upcoming events and programs to be aware of:

  • You spoke and we listened – based on our Member S.W.O.T. session we’ve expanded the Kids Club hours and its now open Monday – Thursday from 4-7pm (in addition to the morning hours).
  • Friday, April 19: Family Shabbat Dinner
  • Wednesday, May 15: Israel@76 Community Celebration
  • Sunday, May 19: Opening “Summer Splash” Member Appreciation Event
  • Get your child water ready through the Jill and Lee Weiss J Swim Academy
  • And don’t forget our membership referral program. Refer a new member, get a FREE month!

    Once again, enjoy the weather and have a great weekend –

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