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Pre-K Academy

In addition to the educational experience offered at the ECC, we also offer a variety of enrichment programs to round out your child’s time with us.


Pre-K Academy offers a series of fun and engaging enrichment classes that further prepare children for Kindergarten. Classes rotate on a regular basis to keep the program exciting for the children. Letter Engineers, A to Z Artist, ABC Chefs, Reading Rock Stars, ABC Science Lab and More! Please contact Jill Leshin, M. Ed. at 480.822.READ(7323) or visit pre-Kacademy.com for more information.

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday 5am – 10pm
Friday 5am – 6pm
Saturday 7am – 6pm
Sunday 7am – 6pm

Hours are subject to change. Please consult the front desk for any recent changes.

Holiday Hours

Sunday, January 1
New Years Day 2023
7am – 1pm
Wednesday, April 5
Erev Passover
5am – 5pm
Thursday, April 6
Passover First Day
Monday, May 29
Memorial Day
7am – 4pm
Tuesday, July 4
Independence Day
7am – 4pm
Monday, September 4
Labor Day
7am – 4pm
Friday, September 15
Erev Rosh Hashanah
5am – 5pm
Saturday, September 16
Rosh Hashanah
Sunday, September 17
Rosh Hashanah
Sunday, September 24
Erev Yom Kippur
7am – 5pm
Monday, September 25
Yom Kippur
Wednesday, November 22
Thanksgiving Eve
5am – 7pm
Thursday, November 23
7am – Noon
Sunday, December 24
Christmas Eve
7am – 6pm
Monday, December 25
Christmas Day
7am – 1pm
Sunday, December 31
New Year’s Eve
7am – 6pm

Meet the Team

Get to know our amazing Early Childhood Center staff and their friendly faces!


Availability varies each year. We have a set capacity per age group and fill spaces in each classroom on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us by phone at 480.659.7769 or email at earlychildhood@vosjcc.org to find out about our availability and/or waitlists.

To register your child or to be on the waitlist, you do not need a membership to The J. Once your child is enrolled, you will need to contact our membership desk at 480.481.7090 to sign up for a Family Membership by the first of the month that your child begins attending. If your child is attending our summer camp, Kochavim Camp, you have the option to send your child at the guest rate rather than becoming a member.

All of our programs are 5 days a week, with a variety of options for timeframes. For those who choose to not send their child every day of the week, there is no prorated tuition.

We place all children in their age groups by their date of birth. As a school we follow the Arizona September 1 cutoff, meaning:

  • Ones – Toddlers: One on or by August 31
  • Two’s: Two on or by August 31
  • Three’s: Three on or by August 31
  • Pre-K: Four on or by August 31
  • Infants: 1 adult to 4 children with a max of 8 children
  • Toddlers: 1 adult to 4 children with a max of 8-12 children (dependent on DOB)
  • Two’s: 1 adult to 6 children with a max of 12 children
  • Three’s: 1 adult to 9 children with a max of 18 children
  • Pre-K: 1 adult to 10 children with a max of 20 children

Children in our Infant to Three’s programs are not required to be potty-trained. Teachers will work with families of children who are still using diapers, as well as families that are working on transitioning to underwear.

We are inclusively Jewish. This means Jewish traditions and values are at the heart of everything we do, but as we like to say, “everyone welcome.”

For certain age groups, we are currently taking children on our waitlist. Please register here.

For our Toddlers through Two’s rooms, nap time is 1-3pm. We understand that as a child gets older, the amount of nap time needed may vary and some may not need to nap at all. In our Three’s rooms we try to accommodate both those children who nap and those who do not. The expectation is that all children, even those who won’t end up napping, lay on their mat for 20-30 minutes. During this time, teachers play calming music or an audio story. After that initial quiet time, those children who do not nap are able to get off of their mats to participate in quiet activity. Our Pre-K rooms do not have a set nap time. If your Pre-K child needs to nap he/she will be offered a nap mat and a place to lie down to rest.

While all snacks purchased by the ECC are certified kosher, the lunch that you send in with your child is not required to be. However, we do request that you refrain from sending in pork or shellfish products. We are also a nut-free facility.

We are proud to partner with Jump Bunch and Pre-K Academy to offer enrichment programs within our regularly scheduled day in both PE (for ages 2 and up) and Early Literacy (for ages 3 and up). In addition, in order to give children additional experiences in areas of special interest, Further Learning for Youngsters (FLY) classes are available for Three’s and Pre-K. You will receive our FLY brochure with a registration form for each session. Costs for FLY classes will be determined by the number of classes per session.

An aerial view of an outdoor pool and lounge area.

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