Art Talks

Ages 18+


Join a master docent as they take you on an aesthetic journey. 

In this class, we study and relate to collections from the Phoenix Art Museum with a different theme each month. As you explore the various materials and techniques used by the selected artists, you will come to appreciate each genre in a new way. You will also dive into the motivation(s) that prompt artists to create such works.

December 19

IF THESE SHOES COULD TALK: Shoes, although inanimate objects, have silently witnessed world events for centuries. Come explore the role that shoes played during the High Renaissance and Baroque time periods (c. 1500-1700). Experience the impact that shoes made on social order, royal rule, fashion trends, and culture. We will highlight works of art that are found at Phoenix Art Museum, so put on your walking shoes and join us on this journey.

February 20

THE GENESIS OF MODERN ART: When many of us look at modern art, we are often confused and frustrated. We don’t understand what the artist is saying and wonder if what we see is art at all. However, modern art can also be beautiful and challenging. It forces us to think about things we may not have been inclined to consider while, at the same time, being stimulated and entertained. Join in this visual journey from the time the first French artists in the 19th century challenged artistic conventions to the art of today. We will look at the work of pioneers, including Monet, Van Gogh, and Matisse, and learn something of their lives.

March 19

SEEING ARIZONA THROUGH ART: Do you have a passion for our State of Arizona? Join in a conversation about Arizona and its art with a long- time resident of this state. Explore the landscapes and the people of our state and the many ways artists have interpreted their subjects. Many works of art you will see are by Arizona artists and belong to Phoenix Art Museum.

April 16

SAVOR THE SOUTHWEST: See the Southwest interpreted through the eyes of various artists. Explore the different cultures that make the Southwest so unique, from Native American and Spanish culture to cowboys, settlers, and miners. In addition, you will enjoy the various depictions of our vast Southwestern landscapes.


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