Financial Assistance

Making The J Accessible To Everyone

Programs, camp and membership are not just available to everyone because we can do so, they are available because it is part of who we are.

We work together to build a center that is inclusive to all; founded upon the belief that we are stronger when everyone has access to our programs, services and opportunities to grow. That is what community wellness is all about.

No matter your background, ability or means, The J is a hub for our entire community to enjoy meaningful programs and services, from newborns to seniors.

We are grateful to be the stewards of our SMILE scholarship fund and to support community members who may need financial assistance. When every member of the community can participate in our programs, our community becomes much more than the sum of its members!

To apply for financial assistance funds, download and complete the application below, then send to:

Financial Assistance | | 480.481.7010
Lauren Duarte | | 480.481.1798

Financial Assistance Application Form

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