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Early Childhood + Youth Changes

February 15, 2024

It’s with great excitement that we announce a few staffing changes! Our Youth and Shemesh Departments are merging. This change allows us to streamline communications and enrollments within both areas, resulting in an enhanced member experience.

With transition comes opportunity, and we’re excited to announce and welcome the arrival of a few new staff members: Dylan Abrams, Assistant Director of Camp and Youth, and Ilana Ichilov, Camp and Youth Operations Coordinator.

Dylan will oversee the day-to-day operations of Club J and serve as the Assistant Director of Shemesh during the summer. Ilana will oversee registration for both Shemesh and Youth programming.

Erin Wynn, Director of Camping and Youth Programs, will continue to oversee Shemesh and will now lead the combined department. Rounding out this incredible team is Leah Zigmond, taking on the new role of Chief Officer for Youth and Family Programs.

To make things easier, we recommend that any questions about Club J or Youth programming be sent to youth@vosjcc.org. Questions about Shemesh Camp can be sent to shemesh@vosjcc.org.

Daniel Barelli and Morgan Froke, who’ve been the backbone of Club J for the past three years, will be moving to our Sports Department full time. We’re excited about the new programs that they’ll be putting together…stay tuned for more details!

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