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Shalom! The 2020 Summer Shemesh season cannot start soon enough! Last summer was fantastic and we are working diligently to make the 2020 summer even better. Our Shemesh promise to you is that all children have a fun and rewarding camp experience every single day. We know that the thought of camp can sometimes be overwhelming, but rest assured that our team is chosen carefully, receives comprehensive training and is committed to our campers’ well-being. Here at the The J, we are not just your typical camp care provider, we are a family – and you and your child will be part of the Shemesh Camp family.

Shemesh Camp at The J is a safe place for children, and staff work to also create a loving and nurturing environment where children are encouraged to explore and learn. Since Shemesh Camp is a technology-free zone, children unplug and learn to work together and communicate effectively through games and activities. Camp also nudges children out of their comfort zone to try new things they might not typically experience or think they are good at. Through this experience, they gain confidence, independence and a sense of achievement which is invaluable to their self-esteem. A vast majority of satisfied Shemesh Camp families will tell you that their children’s ability to make new friends greatly improved after a few weeks at Shemesh.

Camp is our life – and we hope to impart that same love and joy to your child as well. We look forward to meeting new Shemesh campers and families and are excited to reconnect with past Shemesh campers. We hope to exceed your expectations this 2020 Shemesh season!

Kim Subrin
Director of Camping & Tween Services

Kim Subrin


  • Camp staff receive 28 hours of rigorous training on topics that range from child abuse prevention, sun protection, aquatics and general supervision and safety protocols, child development and much more.
  • Shemesh Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) which has over 275 industry standards raising our quality and safety.
  • Shemesh Camp is also licensed by the Arizona Department of Health, which governs strict health, safety and quality assurance standards.
  • Here’s what a few of our Shemesh Camp staff say about the best part of working at Shemesh Camp:
    • “Spending a lot of time with the kids and meeting and bonding with co-workers.”
    • “Watching returning campers grow up. Seeing the smiles on campers faces at the end of the day.”
    • “Getting to know each individual child, watching them learn, and learning new things like Israeli culture with them.”
    • “Family-like atmosphere and Tucson trip!”
    • “I loved how organized each day was and the organization made me calm and happy to be around the kids. I also loved my uplifting co-counselors and leadership to depend on.”

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