Improve the way you look and feel. Pilates combines smooth, controlled movements with breath and spinal-pelvic alignment to develop a strong and balanced body. Our Pilates Reformers work your entire body with a gliding carriage and adjustable resistance springs. Full-body exercises range from stretch-based rehabilitative strength moves to intensive acrobatic moves that challenge every muscle group.

New to Pilates? Please sign up at the membership desk for your free introductory class session!

Pilates Benefits

  • Refresh body and mind through breath and correct spinal-pelvic alignment
  • Strengthen core – abdominals, back and core
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility
  • Improve posture and awareness
  • Gentle on joints and body
  • All fitness levels

Private Pilates Sessions

Our Pilates private sessions are created based on your unique physical needs and goals; techniques and equipment used in each session will vary and evolve as your form, strength and flexibility improve.

*Appointments based on instructor availability.

Pilates Reformer Group Classes

Our experienced instructors guide you through brisk-paced, flowing movements that improve your balance, control and coordination. Class size is small, allowing personalized attention.

See our pilates schedule and our pilates programs. For more information or to register, contact us at 480.481.7090 or healthandfitness@vosjcc.org.

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