Nutrition Nu

Start the New Year off right and get into your ELEMENT!

Nutrition “Nu” is a unique nutrition and personal training lifestyle program available for members of The J!

Promotional Offer:

  • (2) Nutrition sessions with Erin
  • (2) 30-min Personal Training sessions with your favorite J trainer

Total: $179!

Ready to book now? See membership or call 480.481.7090.

Interested and want to know more?

Visit a free 30-minute seminar with Erin for more information. Registration required through the MINDBODY app.

  • January 27
    10-11am | Library
  • January 30
    6-7pm | J Conference Room
  • February 24
    10-11am | Library
  • February 27
    6-7pm | Library
  • March 23
    10-11am | Library
  • March 26
    6-7pm | Library

Erin Swielik


Balance & Rejuvenate Nutrition Services

Erin is a mother of two young kids, published author of Energy Ballz Recipe and Fitness Book, a holistic Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) since 2011, and a group fitness instructor with a masters in Exercise and Wellness. She is an overall health and wellness enthusiast. Erin focuses on an integrative approach by incorporating primary foods, intuitive eating, mindfulness and as well as hormone testing to give the best results for her clients. The ultimate goal Erin wants is to help you create your very own healthy lifestyle where you feel balanced and rejuvenated!
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