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Need help? For assistance and troubleshooting with the community or app, please email

Logging Into the J Community Portal

Before you download the app, you’ll need to verify your account!

  • STEP 1: Visit our new community login page
  • STEP 2: Click on “Create Account”
  • STEP 3: Use the email associated with your J account and fill in the rest of the information fields

  • STEP 4: Submit the form once completed
  • STEP 5: Check your email for a validation link (junk/spam folders too!)
  • STEP 6: Visit the validation link to create a password
  • YOU’RE ALL SET! You should now have access to billing, account information and more.

Downloading The J Your Way App

Search “Valley of the Sun JCC” in your app store

  • STEP 1: At the login screen, enter the email address associated with your J account (the one verified from the previous step, above)
  • STEP 2: Click “Enter Password” to receive a verification email

  • STEP 3: Check your inbox for the verification PIN (try junk/spam folders if you don’t see anything right away)
  • STEP 4: Create your app password and enter the verification PIN to log in
  • YOU’RE ALL SET! You should now have access to fitness schedules, class reservations and more.

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Need help? For assistance and troubleshooting with the app or community, contact support!

Frequently Asked Questions

The parent creates their own account, as a minor cannot create a Community page. Sometimes the child has the parent’s email associated with them, causing a block. This will need to be changed prior to account creation. In order to have an account in both Community and J Your Way (app) you need to be 18 years or older.

  • The format you can enter the date in should be MM/DD/YYYY
  • Or you can click the calendar icon on the field birthdate field and select your birth date through there
  • Alternatively, you can click on the calendar icon and in the upper right there is the year selector, from which you can scroll to select the correct year
  • May be using the wrong email as your membership account could have an old email
  • Need to login as head of household and may have wrong family members as head of household
  • Sometimes the child has the parent’s email associated with them (origin could be the import or on signup), causing a block. This needs to be corrected on the J’s side.
  • It can take up to 15 – 20 min for the verification email to send
  • Please look in your spam/junk inbox to see if the email may have ended up there
  • Verify the email was entered correctly
  • To reserve or cancel fitness class reservations, visit
  • Select a class of your choosing and click “Reserve”
  • You will need to log into your app account when prompted, and then follow the registration process to complete
  • You need a membership to be able to use the J app
  • Your community email needs to be connected to your membership
  • Your J app and community emails need to be the same
  • We are no longer using MindBody, please register for classes in the J Your Way app (instructions attached of 2 pager) or on
  • For help with the registration process, see #5 above

Yes, although they are managed separately, so if one is changed in one login, it will not update in the other.

  • The Community is a place to sign up or manage your J membership, view and enroll in classes, programs, and events.
  • The J Your Way app is used for reserving or enrolling in fitness and aquatics activities, such as personal training or reserving swim lanes (memberships/punch pass is required).

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