<strong>Here’s to sunshine and smooth rides! </strong> Decoration

Here’s to sunshine and smooth rides! 

April 03, 2023

Now that the weather is on our side, we will be moving forward with the parking lot repairs initially planned for December. From April 5 – April 7 we will be tackling this project in a phased approach, in the interest of keeping the facility as accessible as possible. Please see the map below for estimated dates and alternate entry/exit routes.

Wednesday, April 5

Enter/exit via Sweetwater Rd. or campus gate on N. Scottsdale Rd.

Crack repairs will have a minimal impact on parking and travel.

Parking spots in the Southwest section of the lot (closest to the Pardes entrance on N. Scottsdale Rd.) will be temporarily blocked.



Thursday, April 6

Building CLOSED for Passover



Friday, April 7

Enter/exit via N. Scottsdale Rd.

Sweetwater Rd. and Pardes entrances will be closed, please use the main campus gate to enter and exit.


We appreciate your patience through this process, and hope you love the final outcome!

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