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Valley of the Sun J Pickleball League

Time 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Date July 22, 2024 - September 11, 2024


Valley of the Sun J Pickleball League
July 22 – September 11 (No play the week of Labor Day)

The Valley of the Sun Pickleball League provides organized competitive play for players of similar skill levels. The League follows a seasonal schedule, with weekly matches, playoffs, and prizes for winners.

Improve your skills through regular play against evenly matched competitors, honing serving, volleying, and strategy in game situations. League play fosters camaraderie and sportsmanship. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, The Valley of the Sun Pickleball League offers an enjoyable way to enhance your game.

Please note: This is a 2-player team league, with an option for a third player as an alternate.


• When:
o Mondays: Beginner/Intermediate
o Wednesdays: Intermediate/Advanced

• Where: Outside (all 3 courts)
• Time: 6-8pm (Each team plays two matches each night, each match best of 3)
• Price: $200 per team (2-3 players per team)
• Number of teams: 6
• Length: 7 weeks total

o 5 weeks league play (each team plays each other twice)
o 1 week playoff
o 1 week championship game (best of 5)

• Awards: Regular Season Champion and Tournament Champion

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