Cardio + Aerobics

There’s plenty to get your heart pumping at The J! We have a variety of cardio equipment, including treadmills, rowers, ellipticals and bikes. And, you can work out to win with our quarterly calorie-burn contest! Just sign into Preva on our cardio machines and we’ll track your calories-burning skills.

Benefits of aerobic exercise:

  • Increases oxygen levels in your blood
  • Reduces carbon dioxide and lactic acid build up
  • Releases mood-boosting endorphins
  • Increases stamina
  • Strengthens cardio and overall health
  • Burns calories
  • Decreases stress
  • Keeps a sharp mind

See our cardio and aerobics schedule. For more information or to register, contact us at 480.481.7090 or

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Workout to Win!

logo_prevaJoin The J’s exclusive quarterly calorie-burn contest! Just sign into Preva on our cardio machines. Manual sign-ins, Preva app and key fob swipes all work to track your calorie-burning skills. Prizes are awarded quarterly. Be sure to activate your Preva card today! If you don’t have one or need help, our fitness floor staff will assist you.

If machines aren’t your thing, we have plenty of fitness classes to strengthen your cardio and overall health. Get your heart pumping with our array of cardio and aerobic options:


You will love the spontaneity of this class that fuses varying intensities and exercises to create intervals that “shock” your body into fitness.


Scorch those calories as you strengthen your heart and tone your legs. Our instructors guide you through calorie-burning sprints, hills, flats and intervals.


Get your body fit fast! High Endurance Aerobic Training is sports-inspired training, including aerobic, strength, speed and athletic training in one high energy class.


This is a total-body, high intensity workout. Burn calories the entire class as you alternate cardio and step with strength training.


Maximize your cardio workout with High Intensity Interval Training at various treadmill speeds and inclines. You will feel it!


Blast your fat with non-traditional aerobics and fun dance moves to heart-pumping rhythms.

Get your groove on

With our high-energy Latin music and dance moves, you’ll forget you’re working out »