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A Healthier Approach to Healthcare

October 01, 2021

Learn more about integrated virtual healthcare solution, Alanté.

Alanté is an integrated virtual healthcare solution company that utilizes technology to improve the physician/patient relationship. 

Services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Chronic Care Management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Telehealth
  • Palliative Care

Patients are able to coordinate with Alanté’s personal healthcare coordinators to help eliminate the gap in care with patients and their providers. The care coordinators will have regular appointments scheduled with patients to discuss any upcoming doctor appointments, changes in medications, or any concerns. Everything will be added to the patient’s personal health record within the Alanté system. These record updates will be sent to the provider for review. If needed, the care coordinator can and will assist in scheduling follow-up appointments or obtaining records from specialists. Some of the other areas that are entered and kept up to date are: demographic information, allergies, medications, care plans, diagnostic and treatment records. The best part is all of these appointments are done from the privacy of the patient’s home via video or phone calls. 

“By providing all of the important tools, like a personal healthcare record, providers can essentially be able to provide hands-on care, virtually,” said Mark Hansen, Alanté CEO, and founder. “The spectrum of services for patients and physicians offers healthcare that can be delivered through a screen, especially valuable – but not limited to – the current global pandemic.” 

The hope is by reducing office visits, patients and health care workers will have less exposure to COVID-19. According to the CDC (2020), 69% of patients who were treated via a telehealth visit during the early stages of the pandemic in 2020 were able to manage their own care at home, with 26% advised to seek care from their doctor as their condition worsened. Only 1.5% of those telehealth patients were sent to an emergency room. 

By providing virtual health care solutions, Alanté can help create efficiencies within telemedicine. For providers, there are improved quality metrics, better medical profiles for patients, as well as, improved patient adherence to the provider’s care plan. Patients can build a closer relationship with their provider, have a better understanding of their health care, reduce costs, and improve self-management of their conditions. 

Alanté’s goal is to help bridge care with patients and providers, reduce costs to the health care system, and help patients have peace of mind while understanding and having a say in their health care. Services are billed under Medicare. 

Feel free to contact Ariel Kannady at 602.469.5809 or ariel.kannady@alantehealth.com with any questions. Please visit our website at www.alantehealth.com for additional information. 


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