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Take your training to the next level with our certified personal trainers. Working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, improve balance, or enhance your overall health, our trainers will customize a program just for you. Contact the Welcome Desk for current personal training rates.

New-Member Package:

$320 for 10 30-minute sessions
(offer expires 8/31/15)

Program-Launch Special:

10% off personal training packages
(offer expires 8/31/15)

JCC Fit Pack

Want to sample some of the components of health and fitness The J has to offer? Then this is the package for you. Package includes:
1 60-minute nutritional consultation
1 60-minute private training
1 60-minute Fascial Stretch Therapy session
M: $199

JCC Fit Power Pack

Ready to jumpstart your health and fitness? Our clinical nutritionist, personal trainers, stretch and/or Pilates instructors will design a program just for you. Package includes:
1 60-minute nutrition consultation
1 30-minute follow up nutrition session
1 60-minute private Fascial Stretch Therapy
or Pilates reformer session
8 30-minute personal training sessions
M: $399

Sports-Team Training at The J

Coach by design! Get your sports team to the next level, in- or off-season, with private team training. We will help take your team to the next level with sport-specific training: agility, power, speed and strength.

Nail the Scale

Make your weight loss fun and rewarding with a little friendly competition. Win our weight-loss challenge and receive a free one-year individual membership! Our trainers will help you lose weight with up to five 1-hour group sessions each week that mix traditional calisthenics and bodyweight movement with intense interval and strength training! This program includes two private consultations with our clinical nutritionist and weigh-ins with your trainer.

September 28-November 20
Monday-Thursdays, 6:15am & 9am
Friday, 10:15 am yoga

16 classes: M $275 | NM $350
24 classes: M $385 | NM $490
32 classes: M $480 | NM $615
40 classes: M $560 | NM $715

JCC Running Clinic

No more excuses! Our four-week running clinic with Lydiard Distance Running Coach Boone Ebel, CFT, USTF, will get you on track! Learn proper form, warm-up drills, setting your pace, hill and interval workouts, how to prepare for a race and more! This course is geared towards beginner and intermediate runners.

Session 1:
Tuesdays & Thursdays, October 8-29
M: $105 | NM: $140

Session 2:
Tuesdays & Thursdays, November 3-24
M: $105 | NM: $140

Fitness for Golfers

Improve your golf game with this six-week fitness series. Increase your core stability and improve your strength, flexibility and concentration: all key components of golf. Session includes strength training, TRX, yoga and two 60-minute private stretch sessions tailored for golfers.

Mondays, October 12-November 16
M: $210 | NM: $340

Personal Training

The JCC in Scottsdale offers a vast Personal Training program that is fully customizable to you. This one-on-one individualized and Sports Specific Training will help you attain your ultimate fitness or sports goal. Whether you’re looking to run your first marathon, learn self-defense or “get in the best shape of your life”, our Personal Trainers have the experience and skills to help you get there. Working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. And you don’t have to be concerned that you aren’t the “personal training type” because our Personal Trainers work with a variety of skill sets, fitness levels and age groups. Personal training is for everyone because it’s just that “personal” to you.


  • Improves your overall fitness – Your trainer will create a plan specific to your goals and modify as you progress
  • Helps you reach or maintain a healthy weight – they will help you set realistic goals and set safe strategies to achieve them
  • Helps you stick to your plan by providing motivation every session
  • Teaches you the correct techniques and forms so you can avoid potential injury
  • Maximizes your workout by building a plan that leverages your strengths and improves your weaknesses
  • Helps you stay committed because there is someone waiting for you to show up
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